Here at Heritage Home Improvements we specialise in creating individually tailored windows to the exact shape required for your home, with your choice of style, colour and glass. Start your quote today and create your perfect shaped windows with Heritage.

It may come as a surprise to learn that uPVC frames can be arched, shaped or even bent in design. This is a specialist manufacturing process and one that Heritage Home Improvements is happy to offer our clients.

We specialise in shaped windows, with Port Hole windows, arched head doors or even curved head front porches all being possible with Heritage Home Improvements.

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Why Shaped Windows from Heritage?

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is always a hot topic for home owners.  Our shaped windows help you save money on heating and keep your property at the ideal temperature all year round with the options of double glazing or even double glazed glass.


No matter the shape of your windows, security is always at the forefront of what we do.  All of our windows are custom made to your exact size and shape requirements with the same extra strong build and top of the line locking systems as every other window in our range.

Style & Design

Our shaped windows are custom made to your exact specifications.  We have a range of different styles, colours and materials to choose from to create the exact style of window to suit your home. Get a price today to design your own shaped window style.