What is a WarmRoof?

One of our most popular products here at Extra is the WarmRoof. This is a stunning addition to any home, whether you already have a conservatory or are planning to build a new one. But many people are still asking us the question ‘What is a WarmRoof?’.

Put simply, the WarmRoof is THE most configurable and structurally robust, insulated and tiled roof in the UK market. With so many different options for style and design, this solid tiled roof gives you all the benefits of a robust extension but with all the light and airy features you would find with a top of the line conservatory. It is the flexibility to add Velux roof lights or even triple glazed panels to your roof that gives this ideal open feeling that really does convert your living space, whilst still giving you a cosy, thermally efficient, usable space.

WarmRoof example

Energy efficient conservatory

WarmRoofThe WarmRoof technology really does stand out from the competition when it comes to conservatory roofs. As a home owner you want your conservatory or extension to be a cosy, usable space that you can enjoy 365 days a year. So many people we speak to with old conservatories are complaining about their conservatory being unusable for most of the year. They suffer from the old-fashioned problem of the space being too cold in winter and too hot in the summer. We offer many different modern conservatory options that stop this from being a problem, the WarmRoof is one of the finest options for this. The amazing construction of the WarmRoof tiles and insulation will transform your conservatory to be much more energy efficient and soundproof than any other typical conservatory.

Many home owners have opted to convert their conservatory roof with a completely solid, tiled roof. This loses a lot of the beautiful properties that makes a conservatory a lovely, cosy place to spend time and, in many cases, can create a dark space, that home owners no longer enjoy spending time in. The WarmRoof has the best of both worlds, with the Hybrid option using Triple Glazed panels blended perfectly with the rest of the roof, bringing in loads of warming sunlight whilst keeping an energy efficiency U value of 0.6.

WarmRoof inside

Design a conservatory

Energy efficiency for your home is important to ensuring your conservatory is usable all year round. Style can not be overlooked when installing a conservatory though and when it comes to WarmRoof, you have tonnes of choices to make to design your perfect conservatory.

The roof itself comes with the option of Envirotiles or Tapcoslate tiles. Both of these come in a variety of different colours and finishes to perfectly suit your home. What’s more, they are both BBA certified and come with their own warranty to give you complete peace of mind. As we have mentioned, you can also have the choice of a fully solid roof or a Hybrid rood with the addition of Velux roof lights or triple glazed panes. This is a lovely design feature and really let’s you design your conservatory to allow in the ideal amount of light and give you a stunning, light and spacious feel. We have a range of bi-folding doors, French doors and patio doors, all of which can be colour coordinated to fit in with the style of your WarmRoof conservatory.

All of these different options to choose from and as the finishing touch, you can choose to add a canopy and corner details on the outside. You can even add a stylish pelmet on the inside section which can be fitted with down-lighters, speakers or even blinds. There possibilities are endless.

Warm Roof example

WarmRoof Vs Standard Roof

As you can see from the above, the WarmRoof has some amazing features, great styling and the ability to completely change the way you use your home. It’s these features that do really make the WarmRoof stand out from standard roofing options. So to summarise….

• The UK’s most configurable and structurally robust, insulated tiled roof
• Designed using the accepted best method of ‘warm roof’ construction
• Guaranteed for 10 years with the tiles guaranteed for either 25 or 40 years
• Fully compliant with UK building regulations
• Thermal insulation of 0.18 W/m2k
• Hybrid glass offering a U-value of 0.6
• Quick installation giving less disruption for your home
• Ideal for energy efficiency and sound reduction
• Stunning styles options

WarmRoof style

Obviously, something as big as a replacement roof or even a completely new conservatory build comes with a lot of big decisions and we would always recommend speaking directly to one of the Extra team. We can talk through your different options and help you design the perfect conservatory for your home. Get in touch today on 0800 810 0330

What is a warm roof?


What is a Warm Roof?

A warm roof is the term for this style of roof construction where layer of insulation is added above the rafters, immediately below the weatherproof membrane. This is a breathable roof construction method which still allows moisture to escape, preventing damp and the possibility of rotting. This breathable method is great for keeping your heat within your property without the need for a ventilation.

How energy efficient is a warm roof?

Warm Roof manufacturers have stated that a warm roof can be up to 5 times more energy efficient than a standard glazed conservatory roof.

How to replace an old conservatory roof?

Replacing your old conservatory roof with an energy efficient warm roof couldn’t be easier. Warm Roof technology allows for most of the roof to be pre-constructed making installation very quick and easy. Generally, a roof can be replaced and waterproof again within the day.

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