Warmth & Comfort

Our Warmer Roof is the most thermally efficient replacement roof system on the market. Having a conservatory that is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer is a thing of the past, our honeycomb insulation giving the ultimate thermal efficiency. With the best U Value in the category of 0.15, you can be sure our Warmer Roof will give you the ideal temperature for your home 365 days a year.


Having a Warmer Roof could begin to save you money from the moment it is installed.  Due to the unrivalled thermal efficiency, you should see a great reduction in your heating costs. With the energy efficient LED lights installed, you could look to save even more.

Perfect 365 Days a Year

Our classic British weather only seems to be getting more extreme each year. With hotter summers and colder winters, investing in a replacement roof system that keeps your conservatory at your ideal temperature all year round couldn’t be more important. The structurally insulated panel construction of our Warmer Roofs is perfect for condensation free winters and lovely cool summers.

Whether you are looking for a replacement conservatory roof or a completely new build extension, thanks to Warm Roof technology, your new living space will be far more thermally efficient and soundproof than a typical conservatory. This is so important when you want to build a room you can entertain in or relax in all year round.

These single story extensions are a permanent addition to the home and are designed to last as long as the house. Our Warm roof technology is robust, structurally tested and engineered using cutting edge roofing design and proven construction techniques.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Warm Roof we can actually replace an existing conservatory roof, often keeping the existing window and door frames and base work in place. This allows us to completely transform the existing space into something truly aspirational and luxurious. The Warm Roof also allows us to pre-fix Velux roof lights, which both speeds up installation and gives you a perfect finish to your rejuvinated room.

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Why a Warm Roof?


The WarmRoof has so many configuration options, you can design the perfect roof for your home which looks amazing both inside and out. What’s more, Velux roof lights can be pre-installed to speed up installation and give a stunning finish.

Energy Efficiency

You want every area of your home to be usable 365 days a year. This is where the WarmRoof comdes in. This energy efficienct roof system will ensure your conservatory is at your ideal temperature all year round.


Our WarmRoof works perfetectly for our new build conservatories. It is also a great option as a conservatory roof replacement as well being an ideal choice to create an energy efficient space for sunrooms, garden rooms or even extensions.