The Victorian style conservatory adds a touch of class to your home, with its stunning arched-bay fronted design. Start your quote today and create your perfect victorian style conservatory with Heritage.

Giving panoramic views of your garden and increasing the light intake with its high pitched roof the Victorian style conservatory can add a fantastic living space to any home.

If you feel a square room does not suit your style of property then aim for the Victorian. This design comes in various sizes and uniquely with Extra can also be wide fronted (The bay sections do not have to be equal thus not restricting your design and chosen door exit area).

​From the foundations and ground work to the frames & roof Heritage design conservatories to be structurally sound, incredible secure, as well as warm and comfortable. A room build for constant and everyday use.


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Why Victorian Conservatories?

Safe & Secure

As well as being a stunning addition to your home, it is important that your new conservatory is also a lovely secure area that gives you peace of mind for the security of your home.  Constructed of extra strong materials and with the latest multi-point locks, you can be sure your home will be safe and sound.

Energy Efficiency

Our Victorian conservatories are very energy efficiency as standard. They do come with a range of options, many of which will help improve the energy efficiency of your home even further.  With our WarmRoof options and triple glazed glass, you can be sure that your conservatory is at your ideal temperature all year round.

Year Round Use

We often hear from customers who have a very old conservatory that is freezing cold in winter and far too hot in summer.  This can be the case with very old conservatories, but do not let this put you off. Conservatories have come a long way since then and are now a usable part of your home 365 days a year.