How To Clean Aluminium Windows?

Metal windows have been a feature in homes for decades. Today, aluminium windows are becoming even more popular option. 

With a long-life span and high-level security, many people are opting for an aluminium frame for their windows. Like all windows though, they need the occasional clean to stay looking their best. 

But how do you exactly clean an aluminium window?

Not to worry, our team has comprised a step-by-step guide to walk  you through the process.

Step 1) 

The first thing you want to do is mix a mild detergent with warm water in a bucket. 

Step 2) 

With a sponge or non-abrasive cloth, you will want to gently scrub the aluminium frame, without applying too much pressure. 

Avoid blemishing the glass whilst scrubbing.

Step 3)

Avoid using an abrasive cloth, for tough stains use an ink rubber cloth.  

Step 4) 

Using a soft cloth, dry the aluminium frame. 

Tip: You should avoid being too aggressive when scrubbing stains as this can affect the powder coating of your aluminium frame. 

How to remove oxidation from aluminium windows?

Oxidation prevents aluminium from further corrosion but when it comes to your window’s aesthetics, it’s not a good look.

Oxidation is more difficult to get rid of than general stains but with citrus cleaner, you can remove it from your windows. 

Here’s how:

Citrus cleaner 

Step 1)

Using a nylon scrub brush, you want to begin with brushing away any dirt on the window frame. 

Step 2) 

Next, you will want to wet the entire frame with clean water. 

Step 3) 

Spray the citrus cleaner onto the nylon scrub brush. 

Step 4) 

You want to scrub the frame until the oxidation has been fully removed. 

Step 5) 

Once all the oxidation is no longer visible, rinse the aluminium frame with clean water and then dry using a soft and absorbent cloth. 


Now you know how to clean your aluminium windows, it’s important that you give them an occasional clean to maintain them and to keep their shine. 

Despite their impressive longevity, if aluminium windows are neglected, like all windows, the damage could be irreversible and a replacement window is needed. 

When looking for a new or replacement aluminium window, you should choose a trusted supplier. 

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