Best Windows For Period Homes

Houses have really changed over the years. From Tudor to Georgian, all the way to modern, contemporary ones.

However, period homes offer a character and charm that is hard to replicate in modern homes.

Whether it’s a Georgian cottage or a traditional Tudor home, your home can start showing the signs of  wear over time and that includes the windows. 

If you are a lucky owner of a beautiful, classic style home, the choice of replacement windows must be carefully considered.

It’s important to choose windows that match the aesthetic of your home so they don’t look mismatched and odd. 

But which window style is right for your period home? 

Our team has compiled a list of window styles perfect for period homes. 

Window styles for period homes


 Flush sash windows


Flush sash windows were popular in Victorian times and today they are still  a common choice for period and traditional homes. 

Flush sash windows feature a classic  appearance and traditional timber sightlines, that give  a polished  and elegant appearance,  perfectly matching period homes. 

Available in a range of timber-effect colour options, modern flush sash windows could easily be mistaken for a traditional styled timber window. 



  • Casement windows with astragal bars


Casement windows have been a popular choice  for decades and they are still a modern day favourite. 

They  can be designed to be a perfect match to  period homes.

Casement windows can be fitted with astragal bars that divide the glass pane areas, giving a traditional look that replicates the iconic Georgian window style. 


  • Sliding sash windows


The sliding window has been a feature in homes for hundreds of years. 

Sliding sash windows are built with a sliding mechanism which slides open as opposed to swinging open that gives a classic home aesthetic..

The sliding sash window is a perfect match for traditional styled and period homes. 


Find the right window for your period home 


Whether it’s a modern  or a traditional styled window, it’s crucial that you choose an installer you can trust. 

At Heritage Home Improvements, we are focused on delivering a first class service and  supplying the finest products. 

With a huge range of window styles in an array of colour options available, we have the right window for your property. 

For more information and advice on finding the right window for your period home, get in touch today. 

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